What Is a Home Short Sale?

Let’s look at a common short sale scenario. Bob purchased his Georgia dream home five years ago at a cost of $375,000. Since that time, the market value of his home has dropped $75,000. However, Bob still owes $375,000. Bob recently encountered a financial hardship and is no longer able to afford his monthly mortgage payment. Bob can’t sell his house because no one is willing to pay $75,000 more than it’s worth and Bob doesn’t have the extra $75,000 in his pocket to cover the difference.

Bob called Rob Carrino’s team and agreed to pursue a short sale in lieu of foreclosure. Rob’s team contacted Bob’s mortgage company and negotiated a selling price of $300,000, which will allow Bob to sell his home for less than what is owed. The mortgage company also agreed to forgive Bob the $75,000 remaining mortgage balance at the time of the sale due to his financial hardship.

Bob’s home is sold by an award winning Keller Williams Realtor, the bank is paid the agreed selling price, and Bob receives a letter of satisfaction from the mortgage company. The mortgage company also pays Rob’s team a commission for their hard work so Bob doesn’t have to pay a penny to anyone. This works out wonderfully for Bob because it saves his credit, he no longer owes anything, and he doesn’t even have to pay a penny for the process. Not only that, but the bank gave Bob $3,000 in relocation money to help move his life forward.

Discover Your Eligibility

Do you currently owe as much or more on your mortgage than your home could sell for on the open market?  Do you have a financial hardship?  Are you not able to or soon won’t be able to make your mortgage payment?

If you answered yes to these questions then you are most likely eligble for a short sale.

Find Professional Guidance

Having successfully completed thousands of real estate short sales over the past ten years we have learned how to effectively help homeowners through this difficult process. And doing short sales across Georgia for ten-years has taughts us a process that helps us guide you to a successful conclusion.

1. Educate –We understand that in order for you to have peace in the process you must have an understanding of what we will do for you. This is why we ask the tough questions and then listen carefully to understand your particular situation so that we can provide the best advice.

2. Negotiate – We have executive level relationships with every major bank in the USA which allows us to negotiate a very favorable outcome for your financial life.

3. Coordinate – We provide you with online software so that you can see where  you are in the process at all times.  Our system allows us to track every single communication between the banks, agents, buyer and you. It also includes reminders of what needs to be done and when it should be done so that we avoid costly mistakes.

Start The Process

1. Contract – The first step is to contract with Rob Carrino’s team, which enables us to go to work on your behalf.

2. Short Sale Package – We will send to you a checklist of items that we need in order to prepare a short sale offer to your bank. They include 2 years of W-2’s, 2 months’ pay stubs, 2 months’ bank statements, and a hardship letter.  These items are required by EVERY lender.

3. Stop Foreclosure – The next step that we take is to speak to your bank to stop the foreclosure process from moving forward.

4. Sell Your Home – We then have one of our Award Winning Keller Williams Realty Agents sell your home.  If there is a lien on the home we work with the lien holder to help facilitate the sell of the home.

5. Settle The Account – When we close on your home we ask the bank to provide a letter of release of any further financial obligations by you.  We also request relocation money to help get you settled into a new living environment.  75% of our clients receive up to $10,000!

Short Sale Benefits

Saves you from a foreclosure. Saves your credit.  Keeps you in control of your life at all times by knowing what will happen and when.

Average Time To Complete?

Each Short Sale has its own unique challenges. However, our experience is that it takes between 4 to 6 months to complete a successful short sale.

No Cost To You

Once you contract with the Rob Carrino Team you will never pay a penny for the short sale process. The bank pays our fees once your home is sold.

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We took the wisdom gained from 8,000 short sales and put them in a FREE 29 page eBook.  Read our ‘8 critical steps to Short Sale Success’™ and move out from your stressful mortgage today.

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We Treat You Like Family

“My son in law, having passed, leaving behind my daughter and three babies eventually led to financial and Real estate issues needing resolution. Calling three short sale companies efforting to help my daughter, I told our story. Of the three companies I called only one person asked how my daughter and grand kids were doing. Rob Carrino of Keller Williams! From the very first day of contact, Rob made himself available on a very personal level researching and answering all concerns and giving us badly needed direction. Over the months of working with Rob I’ve come to call him a friend and know in my heart he treated our needs as if they were his very own.” —Bruce G

Very Important!

Processing a short sale is very techinical and completing one timely and successfully requires more than just being a realtor.  It requires experience, understanding of Georgia’s laws and most of all, a passion for excellence.  We’ve had many homeowners over the years call us out of desperation because their realtor was unsuccessful in short-selling their home.  If you start with us you will end with us because we’ve been where you are and we’ve been doing short sales since 2011 throughout the Georgia area.  We honestly do care for your success.  Read our REVIEWS here.

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